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New York City —> Houston -February 2/3: $1,799
Los Angeles —> Houston February 2/3: $1,999
Seattle —> Houston February 2/3: $2,199
Miami —> Houston February 2/3: $1,599
London —> Houston February 2/3: $9,975
Chicago —> Houston February 2/3: $1,699
Atlanta —> Houston February 2/3: $1,599


Los Angeles —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,899
Miami —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,499
New York City —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,699
London —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $9,999
Chicago —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,499
Seattle —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $2,099
Santa Clara —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,999
Houston —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,499


London —> Monaco May 23-27 $2,899
New York City —> Monaco May 23-27 $10,499
Dubai/Abu Dhabi —> Monaco May 23-27 $5,999
Kiev —> Monaco May 23-27 $4,799
Los Angeles —> Monaco May 23-27 $14,599
Sydney —> Monaco May 23-27 $15,999
New Delhi —> Monaco May 23-27 $6,599
Moscow —> Monaco May 23-27 $5,799
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As one of New York City's major provider of private jet charters to fortune 500, Wall Street, celebrities and professional athletes alike, our organization evolves around clients need, want and satisfaction whether traveling for business or leisure with family. New York City is a leading hub for private aircraft aviation in the world and as such, offers a multitude of bargain opportunity when chartering a jet either within the United States or to any popular destination around the globe.
New York Jet Charters takes pride in finding the appropriate aircraft best suited for each travel requirement with all the comfort clients are accustomed to, while emphasising on the safety records and affordability of a particular jet class. As it is often the case, customers are presented with a charter aircraft not exactly meeting their travel need, when better alternatives are available. This strategy is in large part due to the profit margin an aircraft provider earns, while a client is unware of a lower cost option.

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king air  Embraer Phenom 100
Turboprop aircraft
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Passenger Capacity: 4-33 Speed: 160-350 mph | Flight range: 2-4 hours, non-stop approx up to 1,350 miles King Air -Cessna Caravan -Jetstream
Very Light Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 4 Speed: 340-391 mph | Flight range: 2-4 hours, non-stop approx up to 1,535 miles Cessna Citation -Embraer 100 -Eclipse 500
Lear 60 king air
Light Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 4-8 Speed: 400-480 mph | Flight range: 3-5 hours, non-stop approx 2,300 miles. Learjet -Cessna Citation -Hawker -BeechJet
Midsize Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 6-10 Speed: 429-500 mph | Flight range: 4-6 hours, non-stop approx 3,110 miles. Learjet -Cessna Citation -Falcon -Gulfstream
king air king air
Super Mid-size Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 8-15 Speed: 446-610 mph | Flight range: 6-8 hours, non-stop approx up to 3,593 miles Challenger -Cessna -Falcon -Gulfstream
Heavy Jet & VIP Airliner Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 9-326 Speed: 459-610 mph | Flight range: 9-14 hours, non-stop approx up to 8,053 miles Challenger -Cessna -Falcon -Gulfstream

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New York City is the epicenter of private jet charters attracting clients visiting the Big Apple either for business of leisure from the world around. Understanding the basic to obtaining a great quote starts with being familiar with private jet charters hourly rates for each aircraft's category.
Although other fees and fuel charges are added to the total cost, hourly rates provide a baseline of what to expect, even though one way flights to several destinations offers the lowest costs. Should you wish the get the lowest private jet quote aboard a luxurious charter aircraft, do not hesitate to contact us.

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